About Our Practice

Chiropractors Melissa & Jay Russian both graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Adelaide University in 1994. Both Chiropractors graduated with a Master of Chiropractic degree from Macquarie University in 1996. The duo maintain and refine their expertise through regular study, training and research on modern techniques. Melissa went on to gain full certification in Applied Kinesiology and also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Paediatrics at RMIT University Melbourne in 2001.

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Meet The Team


Dr Melissa Russian

B.S.C Master Chiro

Melissa began her career under mentorship as a Chiropractic Associate. She moved on to travel overseas for two years through Asia, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and Africa with partner Jay. After returning from their travels, the two set up a private practice in Port Lincoln, South Australia, where they worked for eight years. In 2007, they made their return to Adelaide where they established a private practice in Salisbury.

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Melissa and Jay both developed an interest in Chiropractic care as teenagers, after experiencing the benefits first-hand. When not practicing at the clinic, Melissa’s hobbies include yoga, walking, meditation and travelling. She is a Mum to three children and enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Melissa’s family values are reflected throughout the practice and she loves taking care of the children and parents that come through their clinic. She has an empathetic nature, which contributes to the welcoming experience. Chiropractic at Salisbury are truly passionate about health and wellbeing which is a holistic and ongoing journey.


Dr Jay Russian

B.S.C Master Chiro

Like Melissa, Jay’s interest in Chiropractic care developed from personal experience. He worked under professional guidance as a Chiropractic associate before heading off to travel around the world. Jay appreciates the finer things in life and his hobbies include travel, fishing, tennis, swimming, trekking and gardening. He enjoys working closely with friends, family and clients to facilitate their journey towards greater health and wellness.

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Jay believes that one of Chiropractic at Salisbury’s notable strength is they are “people persons”. He is incredibly fun and caring and has a good sense of humour which keeps the practice up-beat. When it comes to how he practices Chiropractic, Jay is meticulous which is a trait that is also reflected in the DIY building projects he takes on at home.

Both Jay and Melissa are highly responsive to their clients’ needs. They have adopted a glass half full approach and always see opportunity for growth and development.


David Hannah

Doctor of Chiropractic

David is originally from Canada although he has lived in Canada, The United States, Malaysia and Australia.  He has been involved in chiropractic for 42 years, since 1979.  David’s professional experience started in private practice initially as an associate, then as a self-proprietor which he continued with for 12 years

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before moving to work at Palmer College as an associate Professor, Staff Clinician.  David is here in Adelaide with his wife, Joan and is a senior skills acquisition lecturer at the Australian Chiropractic College.  David has an appreciation of chiropractic knowing that it deals with the whole body, recognizing that chiropractic care acknowledges the ‘whole entity’ he is therefore patient centered and brings a relaxed, low key approach to health care

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